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5-60KG Hand Trainer

5-60KG Hand Trainer

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Take Your Lifts To The Next Level

5-60KG Trainer with a range of 5-60KG, this trainer provides customizable resistance levels for a challenging workout that strengthens and tones your muscles. 

High Quality Design: this product offers superior functionality and durability. Built with the latest technology in mind, it is a reliable tool that enhances your performance and exceeds your expectations. 

Adjustable Range: A versatile effective tool for building strength and coordination, the 5-60 KG Hand Trainer features and adjustable range for customizable resistance.

Strengthen Hands, Wrist, and Forearms: Strengthen and improve your hand, wrist, and forearm muscles with our 5-60KG Hand Trainer. Increase grip strength and dexterity while reducing injury. 

Suitable For Various Users: ideal for individuals of different fitness levels.


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